Gallerie Mellanbråten - Sabine & Detlef Schulz

A slice of culture in the wilderness of Sweden - craft and art - from Germany to Lapland.

We welcome you to the perfect training ground for both novice and elite athletes as practitioners. Here is Sweden's first indoor cross-country skiing, jogging tracks, roller-skating rink, biking, running and walking trails, airport, disc golf park, ski shop, newly built accommodation, restaurant and more gathered in a recreation area.


Finnskogens Ostaffär

Delicious goat cheese and daily-stuff directly in Lekvattnet.

Kalasmakeriet på Prästgårn

Good and tasty food in beautiful surroundings and with stunning views of the lake's Gräsmark.

Värdshuset Tvällen

How about with moose, bear or grouse on the plate? This restaurant specializes in unusual dishes.


Lots of worth knowing facts and interesting around Lekvattnet.

Route 62 - The Outdoorspecialist in Värmland

Finnlines - The ferry to Sweden - pleasant and affordable.