- Paddle with canoe or kayak
The Rottnan is excellently suited for 1-2 days tour. Upon request, we will drive our guests with a canoe (own or borrowed from us) to the Norwegian border (about 26 km). From there, you can paddle back to us in a self determined period. Along the way there are several places to camp on the river bank. You can also follow the river in the opposit direction down to the dam. In this direction flows the water a lot more comfortable. From there we pick up our guests as well. For those who are wishing to explore other waters in the area, we can also provide the transportation. Jackets, paddles and waterproof tons or sacks are of course included in the rent.

- Beaver and moose safari
Especially from a canoe can beavers be watched outstanding. In the surrounding area you will find several beaver castles.
In the woods around you have a good chance to capture one of the 20,000 elk (just in Värmland) with the camera - including 50 white moose. But many other animals are wonderful to see. 

- Fishing / Ice Fishing
In Rottnan and the waters around are over 35 species of fish located. There should be something to find for everyone. Even in winter, ice fishing is a very popular activity - here it's called Pimpelfiske.
As common in Sweden, you only need to buy a cheep fishing license, which is available from us (see service prices / rental). Children under 16 can fish for free.

- Wandring / Snowshoeing

Numerous paths invite you to walk or hike. Starting with the one-hour hike up to the several-hours hike is everything possible and some of the ways are marked through us. Maps are available at our office.

Im Winter mit Schneeschuhen durch den Wald zu wandern ist eine wunderbare Erfahrung und macht viel Spass - auf Wunsch auch geführte Wanderungen.

A hike on snowshoes through the woods in wintertime is a wonderful experience and a lot of fun - on request we offer also guided hikes.

- Mushrooms and berries
In the woods around you can find many delicious berries and mushrooms from which delicacies can be fixed. Who has the leisure, preserves a part to take a piece of Sweden back home.

- Skiing: Cross-country and downhill
Here can be found something for almost everbodys taste. This is even possible throughout the year. Because in the nearby Torsby is a ski tunnel for cross-country skiing - with constant temperatures. Here, various courses are offered and the equipment can be rented.
Hovfjället (about 35 miles) offers for downhill skiing a variety of slopes and lifts, and even is a ski carousel.
In winter, even in the vicinity of our place various trails are drawn - some are illuminated.

- Snowmobile ride
Who wants to, can come with his own snowmobile and drive here from the site tours in the woods or on the river. The Snowskooterclub of Lekvattnet provides maps with distances of 112 km.